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Electric Operated Grease Pumpp

Electrically Operated Grease Pump

  • The electrically operated pumps are positive displacement pumps where the rotary motion is converted into reciprocator motion with the help of cam and plunger. The Output of the pumps are precise with reference to the stoke length a piston dia.
  • Depending on the customer requirement and the application usage the electrical pumps are chosen. These pumps are available in two version – Basic version pumps are highly reinforced pumps and ultra-version pumps are metallic structure pumps. Capacity ranges are 2, 4, 8, 12 and 18 Kg’s and available with Low level indicators.
  • Ultra-version pumps are available with In-built controller and bottom mounting provisions. Follower packing pumps are designed in both basic and ultra-version to avoid the grease spillage during the rotational movement maximum 360-degree full rotation. These pumps are normally connected with Progressive distributors / Variable progressive distributor to deliver the progressive lubrication to the entire system.
  • High Capacity in terms of volume and output LUBERR has a separate range of products called MOTOLUBERR. These pumps are available in different version with respect to the controlling voltage. Available capacities are 20 Kg, 40 Kg, and 180 Kg. There are two difference Model pumps namely MCP and MOTO, also has higher output and lower output per min respectively. These MOTO version pumps are suitable for Injector and Distributor applications where as MCP version pumps are purposely designed for charging applications. .
  • Multi Outlet pumps are also available with output 10, 12 and 32 Outlets in a single pump. These pumps will give lesser volume of outputs compare to the heavy-duty pumps. Applications where lesser volume in a frequent interval can use these pumps for better reliability. These pumps are called as OCTOLUBERR pumps where the lubrication will reach directly from the pump outlet to Lubrication point without any metering devices.