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Dual-line Lubrication System

Dual-line Lubrication System

Dual line pumps and systems are designed to serve more than 2000 greasing points over 100 meters above and more. Even if one set of dual line distributor outlet becomes blocked inside one dual line distributor, dual line system provides enough lubrication for the rest of the machine lubrication points. Lubricant output can be controlled individually for each pair of outlets and can be monitored visually or electrically.


  • Highly Reliable
  • Various application
  • High Capacity and output system
  • Effective in Harsh environment or high temperature area
  • Design is simple and easy to extend to any number of points


  • Power Plants
  • Steel Industry
  • Heavy Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Port Equipments
  • Material Handling Machineries