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Wheel Flange Lubrication System

Wheel Flange Lubrication System

TRACKLUBERR – A Brand for Rail Wheel flange lubrication or Gauge face lubrication system or curve lubrication system. Many rails are operated with TRACKLUBERR for efficient operation and reliable performance all over the world. In curved section, the high rail (outer rail) wheel runs the on the gauge face. This contact results in semi/continuous friction that significantly causes the wear to the wheel flange and gauge face. The strong contact between wheel and gauge will result in noise emission in the curve section.

TRACKLUBERR provides the précised amount of grease directly to the wheels/ rail face to get the significant benefits in terms of wear, energy and noise emission.

Wheel Flange Lubrication System

TRACKLUBERR On Board lubrication system for wheel flange lubrication are mounted on the first leading compartment axle for effective and flexible lubrication for operators due to their various control options.

Way side lubrication system provide the progressive and controlled volume of grease to the Grease Applicators which is mounted in the Track (Rail face or gauge face). The Applicator holds the grease in place and letting the wheels to take the grease to the entire curve by means of carry over effect. This can be controlled mechanical / electrical and solar powered depending on the curve section.

  • TRACKLUBERR – Hydraulic Type
  • TRACKLUBERR – Electronic Type
  • TRACKLUBERR – Solar Type
Grease used here are as per the Railway board approval and proper validation of coefficient monitoring and evaluations.

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