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  • Improved technology and efficient operation, innovative reliable solutions and services from LUBERR discover the gauge face maintenance by lubricating automatically by applying lubricant on wheel flange to extend the maintenance intervals. TRACKLUBERR specific products can help you obtain less operational cost for greasing the gauge face that are available in the Curve section.

  • Where there is no accessibility of manual greasing on curve section TRACKLUBERR will be installed depending on the source availability to their full potential.
  • TRACKLUBERR is an approved RDSO system to supply and install in Indian and Metro Railways. We have our own tribometer to measure the coefficient friction on the track as per RDSO guidelines.

Way side Lubrication

  • A drastic increase in wear is prevalent on rails, wheels and switches on highly strained areas of track networks. Typical wear patterns in curves include slip-deformation on the inner rail (low rail) and lateral wear on the outer rail (high-rail). Also, noise emission is greatest through curves.
  • Stationary or Wayside, lubrication systems from TRACKLUBERR for rail flanges and rail heads lower noise emission and considerably reduce wear on rails, switches and wheels, reducing maintenance costs and increasing the lifespan of the rail network. TRACKLUBERR’s high-pressure progressive systems enable the usage of NLGI 2 class grease, which offers exceptional adhesion to the rail and wheel as well as better lubrication properties

On Board Lubrication

  • In railroad applications, a new method of simultaneously lubricating the rail gauge side and wheel flanges ahead of a locomotive's tractive wheels and lubricating the top of the rail behind the tractive wheels to reduce the resistance of the trailing cars and reduce the locomotive wheel flange wear. The method involves controlling both lubricating units with the same computer controller when a single locomotive is used, and two controllers located in two different locomotives in the case of a locomotive consist. The rail gauge side lubricant spray is applied on curves of 2 degrees or more only on the high rail. For the top of rail lubrication at the trailing end of the locomotive or locomotive consist this invention requires that the angle of the lubricant jet on the rail from the vertical be between 0 and 80 degrees from the vertical, with the angle increasing in the rear or trailing direction. It further requires that the lubricant jet be a solid jet without breaking into a spray cone.

Why Tribometer?

  • Friction measurement & management is key to proper wayside lubrication system. Hand-Operated tribometers measure the coefficient of friction on the top of rail as well as the gauge face. This new lightweight system is fully automatic and is not burdened with legacy system issues such as operator variation or limited range measurements.
  • The Hand-Operated Tribometer is lightweight, portable and wireless. Major advancements in system operation as well as measurement accuracy have been implemented to assist in more targeted/accurate measurement. One-touch measurements can be quickly taken and wirelessly stored/viewed on most tablets. Pre-set measurement parameters are selectable for quick and easy use while also permitting customization. Users are able to control and store all functions such as railhead measurement increments and position from top of rail to gauge corner, wheel force variation to simulate empty to loaded operating conditions, and varying creep conditions to capture a range of traction or braking conditions.
  • This system captures and stores friction measurements in low temperatures, direct sunlight, light rain, and extreme operating conditions. Input location, notes, and other information directly into the measurement file via an easy to use and flexible user interface. Compare historic measurements at the click of a button via text or graphical means with the modest to use control panel.

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