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Progressive Distributors

Progressive Distributors

  • Distributors are main components in a Lube system
  • Distributors divide the input grease from pump elements to various outlets equally and sequentially.
  • The Distributors are Mono block design (made of single block to withstand high pr.)
  • Distributors operate at minimum 20 bar pressure to maximum 400 bar pressure.
  • Distributors are available from 6 outlets to 24 outlets.
  • Outlets can be easily combined.
  • Inlet Thread 1/8 BSPF / Outlet Thread M10 x 1P
  • Grease Grade Max upto NLGI grade 2


  • The Progressive distributor refers “if the one plunger is not working inside the distributor all others will not work”. It is serially connected.
  • The successive movements of the individual plunger within the distributor due to pressure build up inside the distributor.
  • Plungers move inside a distributor in a predetermined order and the cycles are repeatedly constantly.
  • Each plunger must have completed its movement fully before the next plunger can be moved, no matter whether the lubricant is dispensed continuously or intermittently.
  • The plunger operates interdependently of one another.
  • No lubrication point which is not connected to the bearing point is omitted.

Variable Progressive Feeder (Distributors)

  • VPF distributor provides differential output from 6 to 22 outlets. Outputs screw per pair are available from 0.08 to 1.8 cc / stroke.
  • Wide range of adjustment meets most of the customer requirements
  • Outputs screws are easy to install without removal of segments

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