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  • To run heavy machineries profitably, all kind of manual work must be moved effectively, this can take many forms; greasing in moving positions, high temperature areas, not accessible location, larger in size, health and safety regulations etc. Workforce also need to work efficiently from place to place. The equipment like cranes, conveyors, material handling stackers & reclaimers, reach stackers, cement mills, sugar mills, power plant systems are required automatic greasing machine for smooth operation. LUBERR lubrication pumps and systems are designed with high reliable technology that helps overcome lubrication related machine failures.

  • The major cause of manufacturing equipment downtime is due to bearing failures. Automatic lubrication pumps significantly cut maintenance and repair costs and maximize machine up-time by automatically supplying lubricant in small amounts at regular intervals, ensuring proper lubrication when your bearings need it most – while they're in use. Additionally, when lubrication is applied manually you always run the risk of either over- or under-lubricating parts, which can eventually lead to machine failures. And if your line goes down, machine production losses can add up fast

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