Key System components

Combination of the below components will be a Lubrication system.

Lubrication Pumps

The Lubrication pumps are the heart of the centralised lubrication systems. And it serves the optimum lubricant to the each and every lubrication point through distributors and injectors.

Monoblock Progressive Distributor

Monoblock Progressive distributors deliver fixed amount of lubricants to the greasing point. It is a single block solid construction that work progressively (one after the other) which helps in fault identification if any.

Segmented Progressive Distributor

Segmented Progressive distributor are modular design that deliver fixed amount of grease each segments can be interchanged for different output.


Injectors deliver lubricant to the bearing depending on the requiremnet. These have adjustable output to suit varying lubricant needs.

Variable Progressive Distributor

Variable Progressive Distributor provide a combination of both injector and distributor varying output with fault lubrication.

Monoblock Dualline Distributor

Monoblock Dualline Distributor are used in large dual line systems which can be installed on large machines having max no of greasing points. They can be adjustable to suit the lube requiremnet.

Segmented Dualline Distributor

Segmented Dualline Distributor are modular dualline which is convinent to replace the segments quickly. These are used on equipment that required less to very large lubricant output.


Automatic lubrication systems power is turned ON/OFF with the help of controller.

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LUBERR systems improve the Life time of the machines.

The LUBERR ALS are designed to provide oil or grease for lube friction points on industrial and mobile equipment. LUBERR ALS considerably reduces the cost of maintaining machinery on which they are installed due to better operating conditions as a result of proper lurication.

This eliminates machinery downtime caused by poor lubrication as well as prolonging the life of the machinery in general. Additionally , an automatic lubrication system manages to lubricate inaccessible lubrication points at frequent intervals that would otherwise be hard to acess under normal conditions.

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